Welcome Wild Grace

Boutique owner Melissa Benge closed her Knox Henderson store, The Melissa Benge Collection, and opened Wild Grace in Downtown Garland at Seventh and Main Street. Melissa has had 30 years of retail experience and tells us this is her 13th store opening. Stop in and browse the clothing, jewelry and home goods. You will be impressed with the customer service, and whether you make a purchase or not, you can leave with a little love note from Melissa.


Some of us will remember Melissa’s boutique in McKenna Place, on Rowlett Road. The name of that shop was Melissa’s, and it closed 12 years ago, when road construction made it nearly impossible to to get there. At this time we’re aware of one other store owned by Melissa, and it is the Gunslinger, located in the Texas Hill Country.  A graduate of South Garland High School, Melissa says she feels she’s come back home with the opening of Wild Grace. Her professional experience, combined with her warm, outgoing personality are certain to benefit the business community in Downtown Garland. Welcome home, Melissa!

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