DART Provides Taxis

My vision is impaired due to macular degeneration and I’m unable to drive. During the past few years I have used Uber, Lyft and Yellow Cabs to transport me to various locations. My fares usually range from $11 to $30. At this time I use Yellow Cab Company more often than the others. For one thing, I can spot them more easily, and they are far more professional than the others. They are a bit more expensive than the ride shares, but my sense of well being is worth the extra expense.

Recently, as we pulled up to our destination, the taxi driver told me I shouldn’t be paying such large amounts for Yellow Cab service. He told me about the DART program for disabled Garland citizens. He told me if I were to sign up and qualify, I could go anywhere, even the airport, for just $3 per trip. He told me I would need to make arrangements for my rides 24 hours in advance. He showed me coupons he had been given by a lady who he takes for groceries, doctor appointments, etc. , using the DART Taxi program.


If you go to the DART website, with a little patience and determination, you will find the necessary information to begin the process. With help from an assistant I was able to request the paperwork needed to complete in order to return it to DART and go into their office for an interview. It requires the signature of my doctor, confirming that I am, indeed, disabled. I am looking forward to using this great money saving collaboration between DART and the Yellow Cab Company. Garland is a DART city, and this offer applies only to its citizens.


Nancy Ghirla

Email: nghirla331@gmail.com