DIY Tricks to Improve Camping & Survival

Hand Thermometer for Cooking Temperature

Hold your bare hand over the coals. Count 1 and 2 and 3 etc. The seconds you can stand to hold your hand over the fire is your guide. Raise or lower your hand to find the temperature you want.

Hand removed between: Approximate Temperature Heat Level
4-5 Seconds 300º F. Low
3-4 Seconds 350º F. Medium
Less than 3 Seconds 400º F. High

Toilet Paper Holder - James Hart SurvivalWaterproof Toilet Paper Holder

So here I sit at my computer pondering the next great invention and… Not really. I just happened to be cleaning my office desk and I came upon an empty CD/DVD container. I was thinking what can I do with this other than toss it in the trash. Lucky enough, my office is in my basement right next to shelf after shelf of camping gear and equipment. I opened one of our camp boxes and the light bulb went off. I will never have to suffer using damp or wet TP again! If you have an empty one, don’t toss it. Put it in the camp box!

Emergency Heater

Clay Pots, and their water saucers, a candle, and some washers, can be fashioned to make a heater: Place the candle on the saucer, stack enough washers to keep the inverted pot above the edge of the saucer, light the candle, place the pot over the candle and let the candle heat the pot. The radiated pot will give off enough heat to keep your hands warm and then some.

Clay Pot Heater - James Hart SurvivalSeveral of these placed around a small room will take the chill away. I will not keep you from freezing, but will warm you enough safely to keep your spirits up, plus you can warm water with it.

Your Body Fitness

Can you really improve your fitness? Can you build yourself up so you do not get tired so quickly when running and hiking? You bet you can. Lots of people have done it no matter what their age. You need a goal and a way to get there. Your plan to get into top physical condition may take thirty or more days to accomplish, but by following simple and sensible rules of health, you can build a body ready for action with plenty of reserve energy to carry you through life.

If you want strong arms you must use them. You must pull, push, and swing them in your work and play.