Jerry Nickerson Jr. Candidate of choice.

Jerry Nickerson Jr. is our candidate of choice for District 3. There are several hot button issues in this district that will require strong leadership and professional ability. Representing our district on the City Council, Jerry Nickerson would bring his extensive experience as a civil engineer responsible for several large budget projects. His most recent accomplishment has been the finishing out of the new Parkland Hospital and connecting it with a bridge to the old Parkland Hospital. In addition, he has extensive experience dealing with governmental entities and knows how to get things done.

On the personal side, he is a devoted family man, hunter, fisherman and avid sports fan. Jerry is also very proud of his Texas A&M affiliation. It has been an honor to have known Jerry and his wife of 31 years, Marlee, for the past 3 years.
We are elated that this extremely qualified individual has stepped forward to serve District 3 on our city council. We are asking all register voters in District 3 to please vote for Jerry Nickerson.
Nancy Ghirla